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November 19, 2009


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Antiques in old Town

Tell us MORE... So glad you had a GREAT TIME... We missed you at open house !

Geralyn Gray

Saw your booth on another blog....I hope you include more pictures.....your booth looked great....especially the victorian ladies.


Jocelyn it was so wonderful to meet you in Atlanta and chat the whole way to Omaha!
You had such beautiful things for sale on vendor night and I will forever think of you when I use my glass glitter! Your friendship and kindness is a treasure!

Janet Doherty

It was very nice to meet you as well...enjoyed the bird class even though it challenged me nimble fingers.
Take care

Sherry Williams

I am so happy we met, Jocelyn! You are a beautiful person! Your art is amazing & I am so happy that I was lucky enough to get the large Victorian Lady!! Tara is amazing, too!


please post pictures and tell us more...I so wanted to go, but just not possible this year....with all these house renovations.

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