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Silver Bella

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March 08, 2009


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Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

This is really a lovely project. Well done and I just love the pretty birds and vintage paper.


kelly henderson

SO lovely and creative and SPRINGY!! I love birds.

debbie formento

Hey Jocelyn,
got a group together from the "village" to come shop with you on Saturday... Lakewood 400 here we come...
Cant' wait to meet you in person,
~one vintage hag

Beth Leintz

What a beautiful combination of paper, greenery and birds.

Tracy guillaume

Hi Jocelyn! Remember me?? I talked your ear off for a little bit on Friday morning.I love your blog and these sweet boxes! Your blog header is beautiful!It was so nice meeting you!Let's keep in touch!


Love the little boxes. Where did you find the great bird images? I am also going to Silver Bella so I look forward to meeting you there. Great blog!

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