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December 04, 2008


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Martha Thompson

Hey, girl you have been a busy lady, love all your soldered charms and the sweet bags are gorgeous, they would be nice to put homemade goodies, cookies and candy in for a very nice gift, I plan on making some, thanks for sharing, see you in Cumming on the 19th. Martha


I just love all of your Christmas ideas! Your booth & blog look GREAT!

Mary O'Wheatley

Mary Jenkins

Great idea! I bake cookies all December and freeze them. Then I make goody bags to give to the people I don't see often enough. It's an excuse to visit, and brings smiles to others.


Jessica H.

How great are those bags?! I make cookies every year for co-workers as Christmas gifts, and I try to both vary the cookies and the presentation every year. This bag would be perfect since the brown Kraft bags are so inexpensive. Since I don't have any vintage postcards, maybe I'll use photos from the Internet or of my dog dressed up in reindeer antlers for the image. I think getting the photo of Josie in the antlers will be the hardest part!

Thanks so much for the great tutorial! How about a tutorial about how to make a great wreath! You make the BEST wreaths!


Just stoppin' in to say 'What Lovely Gift Bags'...AND your Precious Christmas Charms too...

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